CommonPhotostar 5.1
Release Date: 02/16/2022
Release Status: Major Update
Type: Shareware
Cost: 5 $US


CommonPhotoStar is a picture-manipulating amusement software running on Windows computer. It can turn pictures into short movies via three methods:

1) Produce Flash movie by zooming / panning a single picture;

2) Produce quasi-GIF (Flash Movie) by re-combining video snapshots (JPEGs);  

3) Produce consecutive picture-series by cropping on a very large photo.

For the purpose of making quasi-GIF, PotPlayer or any other video player might be employed to choose segments from video of interest and output JPEG snapshot series.

The software as a quasi-GIF tool intends to be used for individual relaxing, diminishing the tense feeling after long working days, making user even healthier. However, it could also be used in some working areas for demonstrating certain process, such as organism growth, action details in a sporting movement, etc.

Screenshot 1  (Muted mp4 video, 3.19 MB)

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CPS, photo animation software, snapshot player, picture cropper, image viewer, photo flash, SWF, snap tool, screen saver

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Supported Operating Systems:Windows XP/7/8/10
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Install Support: Green software, don't require to install.