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(Muted mp4, 720p, 23-Pics, 42 KB)


Knowlage About Video Snapshots (JPEGs)

A video or motion-picture in fact is composed of a series of individual pictures. That's why you can take the pictures out of any piece of video by the help of special tools. Those pictures snapped from a video is called video snapshots, they are usually in JPEG format, which ensures very small file sizes.

Usually any video player can also act as the tool taking snapshots. Here we take PotPlayer as example. After running PotPlayer, you can press K on your keyboard and then click on Capture consecutive image OR press Ctrl + G on the keyboard. A window will appear, Consecutive Image Capturer, then you could select the format (JPEG), change the default location (D:\Pics), change the width and height of image, select timing between images, enter number of images to be captured (240) and then click on Start. (Tutorial Video)


Watching the Snapshots with CommonPhotoStar

Following above procedure, after you collected video snapshots into any folder you designated, e.g. D:\Pics, by using CommononPhotoStar, the unique software with video-snapshot playing features, you can easily watch any piece of a short Quasi-GIF derived from consecutive jpg files you presently chosen.

Start up CommonPhotoStar, from the menu tree of right side find D:\Pics folder, you will see the captured JPEG files, these are consecutive jpg snapshot series. Then from toolbar click Find Album Left button, click and open a first empty numbered folder, just by double-clicking the empty panel, the files will be collected into this album folder from D:\Pics. Or you can do this simply by right clicking on the lower empty area of D:\Pics panel, choose Send Pics into Album menu command. Then you can click Video Snapshot Player toolbar button to watch, or press PgDn arrow key to watch, the later is weaker in function.

The album structure are folder sets inclusively used by CommonPhotoStar, the numbered folders in the album can be your picture stores which are more operable than in non-album folders. Such arrangement is the result of careful safety considerations. It's ensured that all pictures entered into the album be JPEG format, and you have no rights to delete other system files from this software.


What is Quasi-GIF?

Here let me explain what is Quasi-GIF. It means the scene you are watching on your computer screen is similar to that of GIF, however, with much better enjoyable true color and big dimensions, also seamless compared with GIF effects which are usually unavoidably jumping due to restart-playing (in contrast, reciprocating is adopted in CommonPhotoStar).

So in a word, basically speaking, Quasi-GIF is a new media type with unique effects on local computer or on webpage. The effects of a hamburger shown above should give you some clue of this new media type (the 720p 23-Pics MP4 file is only 42 KB, just the size of one typical JPEG picture, in contrast if you want to do the same with GIF, it could be more then 42 MB).

Currently, most advanced web browsers of computers, such as laptop, including iPad and Windows Pad, by default well support the media type, since these could automatically re-play muted looping MP4 files. It desen't require extra network traffic, since such looping re-use the MP4 file in cache. Some browser of mobile phone, however, loop only 1~3 times; these may need improve in the future.

(More demo 1) (More demo 2)



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