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FW: Do you plan to improve or change CommonPhotostar in any way? If yes, how are you going to do that?
CT: Improve we must. But there will be no major change, since CommonPhotoStar 1.89 is a milestone product for Sightline Media. Our product lines in the future will be sticking to the Sightline Media concept. Any hardware-software related innovation should be under the title of Sightline Media Technology. This only reflects our insistence on improving cyber transmission efficiencies and the confidence in bringing good user experiences for people in the world.

FW: CommonPhotostar has quite a strong competition but, so far, it succeeded in making a name for itself. What do you think about the huge CommonPhotostar success?
CT: Well, we do different things so God said every product should have its role on this planet. While many developers like to follow famous products, we like to push on new concept. Did we really succeed, or broad roads are still ahead of us? let the time tell. Right now in actual fact there is no "strong competition" in front of us. CommonPhotoStar is the first Sightline Media product in the world. The technology behind it requires complex customized algorithms, that's why many people had tried to make copycat versions but failed.

FW: Can you tell us more about CommonPhotostar core features?
CT: Surely we should say something. CommonPhotoStar is a hardware-performance-related software. It should have been developed by smart programmers many years ago, or at least any time points after Macromedia introduced Flash 13 years ago. It seems CPU and Memory speed dragged the legs of the rabbit, making it not running fast. The core features of CommonPhotoStar lay in its human-computer interaction capabilities. Along with the improvements for faster hardware speed, programs will be more enjoyable. However, Sightline Media flash is a core feature too for this software, cyber as a hardware system is ever experiencing slow speed in contrasting with local machines, so you always need such core feature to treat with the desires of watching flash video pieces via internet. Moreover, CommonPhotoStar 4.0 could play the Sightline Media flash locally, that makes people tend to consider it as an Entertainment Software.

FW: Which image extensions are supported by CommonPhotostar?
CT: JPEG, BMP and GIF. We are considering supporting more formats in the future.
FW: Are there any limitations for trial version? It is possible to upgrade a trial version to a full version?
CT: CommonPhotoStar 1.895 trial version was a full functional version, with 30 days trial period. It's an initial release(21.5MB), can be used for people getting familiar with. After 30 days it will stop functioning according to Digital River license system setups. Now that we have CommonPhotoStar new versions(2MB usually), we will release 5-days trial with recording time limited to only 5 seconds as well as other limitations. So if people decide to buy the software, we can send him full version key with recording time of 50 seconds, without any limitation.

FW: Why would you recommend CommonPhotostar over any other similar product?
CT: Basically, CommonPhotoStar is useful and interesting. It's a very special product to satisfy your needs around viewing photos and making flash movies. In fact you could not find any similar Sightline Media product right now in the world. CPS is the only one. Why not have a try?

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CommonPhotoStar 4.6.3 is available.

CommonPhotoStar 4.6 Trial could test use for 10 years.

CommonPhotoStar V 4.x New Features

1. Better Stable and bug-free.

2. Flash player added to view SWF files.

3. Longer recording time duration (50 seconds per photo)

4. Smaller size (about 2MB)

5. Easier to operate.

6. Better download service of Example-Albums.

7. Improved album-viewing functions & special operations.

8. Snap tools integrated.

9. Media Player integrated.

10. Flash output for multiple pictures.

CommonPhotoStar is a Dynamical Photo Album software, a PhotoFlash tool.
Mobile: 8613693384499
Small and Powerfull.
= Album Viewer
+ Flash Screensaver
+ Snap Tool.
Version History

eLover: Internal versions, 2008 - 2009,

CommonPhotoStar 1.895, shareware release on August 8th, 2010, at RegNow.

CommonPhotoStar 4.3, shareware release on Jun, 2011.

CommonPhotoStar 4.5, shareware release on Jun, 2012.

CommonPhotoStar 4.6, shareware release on July, 2012.


FW Editor's Review on AlbumViewer 2.1

When we talk about photo/video/flash editors, we usually talk about expensive applications, complex features and many training hours. But things shouldn't be like this. Everyone should have access to a decent photo editor, everyone should be able to create a short flash animation and everyone should have the possibility to create beautiful albums with their favorite photos. CommonPhotoStar AlbumViewer gives you all these.

By definition, CommonPhotoStar AlbumViewer is a simple yet extremely powerful picture viewing/recording software. The user can take one image and enhance it with several flash effects (zoom in and zoom out animations for instance).

Take a few images, enhance them with a beautiful zoom in/ zoom out effect and use them as banners for your website. Why pay outrageous prices for a simple flash banner when you can create your own animation for free? (Simon: sure pls find 1.895 for free flash banner of 1 month)

Personally, I recommend CommonPhotoStar AlbumViewer over many other similar applications, especially because it's simple, intuitive and extremely fast.

Why is CommonPhotoStar AlbumViewer famous? CommonPhotoStar AlbumViewer is famous because it is simple yet extremely powerful picture viewing/recording software.

(This article can be found at FamousWhy.com.)

With ordinary timeline tuning operation, flash designer need to be very carefully controlling any minor zooming and panning effects in order to mimic practical photographing. This usually requires huge amount of time in estimating and tuning the actions on the timeline. That's why it's nearly impossible to get done a flash with even 1 minute playing duration of such mimicking effects, unless you spend amazing amount of your precious time tuning the timeline, times and again, say, for about one month for any one piece of simple work? Facing such situation, the designers have no other choices but to omitting details. They like to use as few Key Frames as possible and preferred a cartoon-like flash works and take it as a hobby filling them into the web pages of the whole world and flashing our eyes with the jumping mechanical flash everyday.

Software giants like Microsoft and Adobe had been ever carrying out researching programs, in hope of finding ways out of the puzzlements, relieving web designer's workload. Microsoft PhotoStory is such an example. Within PhotoStory they set up a lot of templates for designers, to help avoiding, to some extent, the heavy efforts of tuning timelines.

In fact the concept of Templates was not really inventive, Flash Template Software had long been flooding the world. Toufee is the best software among them (these all produce flash works full of mechanical fixedness). But most of these template softwares are merely the same thing. The basic functions were the same among each other. That kind of flash works could not avoid the mechanical feature doomed by pre-programming (just various templates), and the effects are rigid.

CommonPhotoStar, however, thanks to its build-in powerful advanced photo viewer, made a conceptual revolution, for the first time created a global new concept - Sightline Media, could create a photo flash just by mouse-move recording.

Its extended use to the photographic-mimicking flash, had made it globally a First Sightline Media Tool, becoming an unique sightline technology implementation. (Besides, the photo viewer has unique mouse-controlled dynamical album viewing system, bringing user good experiances.)



Flash SWF Example: Face

Flash SWF Example: Jesus(1)

Flash SWF Example: Jesus(2)

Flash SWF Example: Jesus(3)

Flash SWF Example: Jesus(4)

Flash SWF Example: Jesus(5)


Flash SWF Example: Screenshot

Flash SWF Example: ZoomPanEffect

Flash SWF Example: Girls-Team

Flash SWF Example: Single-Girl




Click the above links to watch Photo Flash Movies

As a matter of fact CommonPhotoStar is not a dedicated flash tool, the core component within the software is a dynamical interactive photo viewer. With the help of this unique viewer, user could conveniently interact with every picture in a photo album or with any single picture in local PC, dynamically zooming, panning and recording, in full screen, producing local format movies, or even output Flash SWF format movie files.
Indeed, by looking into the various flash works, you could see it seems there is no difference between the flash works made by CommonPhotoStar and by those of other ordinary flash tools. There are the same contents inside a flash swf file - picture and the zooming & panning data. The difference, however, is that while it's common practice for any other flash tools producing any zooming & panning actions by tuning timeline, CommonPhotoStar, on the other hand, will achieve better effects simply by a mouse movement shifting flash designer's sightline.
Developer self-review
Thirteen years have passed since Macromedia initial introduced Flash concept. During these years, starting from timeline concept, Adobe helps Macromedia enhanced the complexity of flash making process by adding ActionScript programming feature. But they really had forgotten to produce an easy photo animation tool with a WYSIWYG feature like CommonPhotoStar did.
The effects of ordinary Flash works are more mechanical. What it does, is flashing about and stimulating our eyes. Whereas the special flash works that could be fast produced with CommonPhotoStar, is more vivid and user-friendly. The new trend technology brought about by the software developed by CommonPhotoStar team could produce a special Photo Movie by a mouse-controlled method, with rich dynamical zooming and panning feature, giving people virtual photographic experience.
Download Service

1. AlbumViewer 2.1 Photo Album Example (Zipped JPGs and Software, 3.14MB). Hot! Free!

2. Download CommonPhotoStar.zip from download.com.(v4.6.3.7)

FW Editor's Review
FamousWhy Interview

===================== CommonPhotostar 1.89 Details ==================

Graphical and photo editors market is flooded with all kind of applications. Some are good but some are really bad. It looks like developers are focusing in creating more and more graphic design applications and sometimes, they forget some basic rules in developing such products.

The general idea is to incorporate as many features and options as possible in one single software instead of keeping it simple, easy to use and useful. More features automatically means higher production costs. Higher production costs are reflected into the application final price.

I had to test various photo editors, image viewers or graphical design applications and the general idea is the same: more is better.

CommonPhotostar comes with a completely different approach and the idea behind this application must be appreciated. CommonPhotostar is not trying to overwhelm you with features, tools and options that you may never use. This small application was specially designed to provide a simple, intuitive, user friendly and easy to use environment so you can browse and view your images in an enjoyable way.

Because it is really simple and easy to use, CommonPhotostar can be utilized by home users (to enjoy watching their photos), by teachers or other lecturers (to help illustrating with photos) or by art designers (as a powerful browsing tool).

The bottom line is that CommonPhotostar is a great and useful photo viewer/recorder. You can view your photos and images, you can zoom in and out or you can produce Sightline Media flash effects. Due to its simple and intuitive interface, CommonPhotostar can be used by everyone.

CommonPhotostar comes with a 30 days of trial period. During this time, user can familiarize with CommonPhotostar, can learn the basic controls and options and he can try to record and produce Sightline Media flash. After the trial period expires, you need to purchase a full license (CommonPhotostar comes with an affordable price, compared with other similar applications).

Why is CommonPhotostar famous?

CommonPhotostar is famous because it is a dynamical picture browsing and recording application.

(This article can be found at FamousWhy.com.)

FW: What are your plans or objectives in the near future?
CT: We will continue focus on both marketing and debugging. On marketing side, we are educating people to understand the difference between common flash and the Sightline Media Flash. Most people don't know what's behind Sightline Media Flash - It could provide the smallest Photo Movie with longer playing duration and real photographic effects, which is very suitable to be used on web pages. Saying debugging, it's routine efforts any developer should make, we will upgrade versions frequently in the near future.

FW: How and when did you start writing the code for CommonPhotostar? What inspired you the most? Do you plan to develop new software, or are you more focused on optimizing the current ones?
CT: CommonPhotoStar is a new baby, which is a symbol of Sightline Media Technology. Right now if we visit from other country some famous websites, such as Yahoo!, since they use too much large videos, in fact we got frequently stuck. In our idea, if people like video, Sightline Media fash should be a good option, because it could bring about good user experiences. Well-designed picture content plus moving effects could be quite attractive to cyber surfers. The author of CommonPhotoStar software was a copy editor who process various books of computer science. So he used to educate himself of various programming skills, one day in 2008 as Simon experimenting with RS-232 Serial Interface programming, he realized the importance of a dynamical graphic viewing program. He was trying to interact with the photos. Later on Simon found a very good way to make a photo move, he must create a powerful photo viewer, which should be better than people had ever used. Finally he got it through tough programming. Later on he added the flash swf output functions for the program. By then Simon examine the kind of flash he got, to his amazement he found he got a new flash which isn't controlled by Adobe Macromedia's Timeline, or Microsoft or any other developer's templates, but a totally new Photo Flash by sifting the sightline via mouse movements. Simon discussed the new flash with his friends and decided to name it Sightline Media. Thinking what's the initial concept making the author programming: interface hardware related software is what we like. Debugging and improving CommonPhotoStar is one thing, doing other interesting jobs is another thing, both is important.

FW: CommonPhotostar is one of the best picture browsing and recording applications from the market. What is the secret?
CT: Since there was capital limitation for our marketing and researching team, the introduction of CommonPhotoStar to the market was not a major campaign like those of big companies. However, FamousWhy and many other reviewers had realized the value of the emerging new concept CommonPhotoStar bring about - Sightline Media. The acceptance of the new concept in fact stands for a fundamental understanding about the transmitting limitations of internet. Sightline Media is a new potential pseudo video solution for the future advertisement. People like inventions, that's the secret. It should be mentioned that CNSW forum had contributed for the improvements of the software by promoting enthusiastic discussions.

The essence of this software is Love. Shifting left, right, up, down, zooming in-or-out, all is that picture which stands for nothing but Love.

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Adobe Flash


The CPS flash swf files within our web site is free-editable, i.e., anybody could use flash decompilers such as Eltima Software Flash Decompiler Thrillix to convert these swf files to *.fla format for a common editting jobs with Adobe Flash Professional.
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Leading Role CPS
Unique Features

Video Demo

For Newest Versions:
(AVI files, about 60s each)

1. AlbumViewer
1) recording photo movies
2) full length auto play
3) equal lenth auto play
4) fixed manual play

2. eLover functions
1) recording flash swf movies
2) flash manual play
3) four windows play
4) full screen play
5) snap pictures
Below is an example flash(SWF file) created with CommonPhotoStar software from a picture(JPEG or Bitmap).
with CommonPhotoStar
CommonPhotoStar is an image flash viewer software for PC runnig Windows.

You can use it to turn your photos into flash screensaver.

You can also run it locally as an image viewer to tease you with jerking flash!

Free post, no login required.
Global New Concept
An Unique Dynamical Image Viewer



More photo movie examples
Step1. take a photo > Step2. open it with CommonPhotoStar and move/zoom > Step3. output Flash swf !
US Patent Pending
Super way to create PhotoFlash Movie, ...no Timeline, Templates or Scripts! Done just in an instant.

Easy tool for viewing PC photos. Unique recording features.

Dynamically zoom, pan, turn...
with photo flash swf output.


We design this software to help people viewing their digital photos with better effects and produce Flash for your website more easily, thank you for your trusting on us. Contact us via Email: service@commonphotostar.com. The download links provided within our site connect directly to RegNow Product-hosting and Billing plateform, i.e., your downloaded Trial is from RegNow and your purchase billing will be processed by RegNow on behalf of our team.


Ultimate Solution for Photo Flash Design
Milestone: CommonPhotoStar 1.895 Help File
CommonPhotoStar team. Copyright 2008 - 2012

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CommonPhotoStar(CPS) is an unique dynamical picture viewing/recording software. This software makes picture viewing easy and interesting. General users could use it to enjoy watching their digital photos. Teachers or other lecturers could use it to help illustrating with photos. Art designers could take it as a favorite viewing tool.

For more info please check CPS Galleries and read the article below.
  Flash SWF DynamicView MovieEffect MovieDesign
CommonPhotoStar yes Zoom/Pan Video-like MouseMove Recording
Adobe_Photoshop no no no --
ACD_ACDSEE(Canada) no no no --
Google_Picasa no no no --
Toufee_Toufee yes no Static Movie Templates
Microsoft_PhotoStory yes no Static Movie Templates
Adobe_Director yes no Static Movie Lingo Programming
Adobe_Authorware yes no Static Movie Wizard
Adobe_Flash yes no Static Movie AS Script programming
IrfanView no no no --