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CommonPhotoStar(CPS) is a dynamical picture viewing/recording software. This software makes picture viewing easy and interesting. General users could use it to enjoy watching their pc digital photos. Teachers or other lecturers could use it to help illustrating with photos. Art designers could take it as a favorite viewing tool. Added Flash SWF feature already makes it a real awesome easy animation tool.

It's now an easy matter for people taking pictures with today's ever improving digital cameras. However, it's not such an easy matter to find a simple-to-use and practical photo-viewing/recording software. Some famous software focused on picture editing or managing, meanwhile major multi-media software products are indeed complex to use and usually requires professional skills. Many software producers did make efforts to develop common purpose photo-viewing tools. However, their software products did not give you the simple & useful & interesting functions that CommonPhotoStar now provides. There are many other points about this software, which will impress you, please view CPS Galleries.
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