The easy way to produce Flash banners

Software Introduction

CommonPhotoStar is a PC based image flash recording and playing software. It could be used viewing pictures dynamically, recording the zoom and pan movements, then presenting the flash movies in various ways, such as toggling between one-and-four windows, saving as screensaver, etc.

It could be used for business presentation or for leisure purposes. Web page designers could use it generating vivid image flash banners, people fond of digital photos could use it producing flash album.

CommonPhotoStar(CPS) supports the following picture formats: JPG, BMP, GIF and PNG. It was strictly tested under Windows XP and 32 bit Windows 7.

Note: Newer OS verions such as 64 bit Win7, or Win8 should install Adobe Flash Player before running this software.

ATTENTION: This Software Requires A Mouse Wheel.

IMPORTANT: Version is free for your unlimited trial, you need connect with Internet so that the software could visit this site for unlocking functions automatically. What you downloaded is the software itself(no more than 2MB), not a downloader. You may contact me to buy it so that I give you an unlocking code to unclock it once for all, then it will not rely on Internet any more. I have new version with enriched functions.